Week 1 Master Key Experience

Hello World!

For those of you who didn’t know, this is MKE 2.0 for me.  I took this class last year, and it changed my life for the better, 100%.  About halfway through and definitely by the end, I was wishing I had been more faithful to the exercises.  People who had, certain things became effortless for them.  Let me reiterate, it was the people who did the work, every single day, that things became effortless.  Well, this time around that will be me!

This time around I’m giving 111% to the daily exercises.  I’ve got enthusiasm!  I’ve got ‘in front of the mirror, like I’m giving a monologue in NYC on-stage to a full house’ enthusiasm!  I’m doing it like the whole world is watching because the goal is for one day to have the whole world watching!  Not like the Superbowl or anything, (I mean maybe, who knows?!)

My point is, I’ve got big goals and the only way I could fathom that I could possibly reach them is by using the Master Key System.  So I will use all the tools I have like my life depends on it, because it does!

Second point to note about this week (Notice the Resistance!):

I have had some difficulty writing the first draft of my DMP.  What does that mean?  Well really, I’ve been having trouble dreaming out loud.  Call me shy, or bashful.  Sometimes I’m scared of my dreams, like they’re prideful.  I mean, I’m saying they’re big.

Go big or go home, right?!

The truth is, part of me has always wanted to be a famous singer.  Even as I was writing this blog, I crossed out ‘famous’, wrote in ‘great’, and had to write ‘famous’ back in. Why?  Because that’s the dream!  I don’t know why that’s the dream but it is.  There’s a piece of my heart that’s dying to be heard but won’t speak up, until now.

I want to find my voice.

So when it comes to writing out a statement about my Definite Chief Aim in Life, I know writing about anything else would be a lie.

So today is Friday and our first draft of our DMP was turned in yesterday. I had to remember what they’ve emphasized to us; this is a process.  Get comfortable with the process.  Something tells me that allowing my dreams to elevate, and refining my DMP, will pale in comparison to the toiling necessary to go from stage-Fright to stage-Ready.

I’m SO READY.  Let’s do this!

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