WEEK 2 – The POWER of the Subby (Subconscious mind)!

Oh Subby, Dearest Subby

How POWERFUL you are!

The deepest corners of my mind

No memory too near or far,

Oh Subby, Dearest Subby

No task too BIG or small

Connected to the Infinite

And capable of ALL!

Earlier this week I was thinking of songs to sing on my way home and decided to venture back, back to a song from when I was 12 years old. I pulled it up, heard the music, and started singing. I’ll be darned if I didn’t remember EVERY WORD! And again, I’d not heard the song in at least 14, maybe 15 years!

BAM! Oh Subby, Dearest Subby, How POWERFUL you are!

Later this week, I was having some issues with my DMP. Issues meaning my goals/dreams are huge, and 1)I felt selfish and 2)felt like they were just too big to get to come true.

Well, the first part (selfish), I have to remember that I’m not helping anyone being broke, and money is simply another word for resources, so yes! More please!

The second part (goals too big), the Fabulous Davene on Week 2’s webinar said the subconscious mind does not know “SQUADOOSH about SIZE”. She was referring to our notecards and how we can start small, but that also means even if the goals are HUGE, the subby can handle it.

Oh Subby, Dearest Subby, No task too BIG or small!

A few final points.

I’m STOKED because I’ve 98% memorized the Blue Print Builder, making it easier to add emotion and feeling, and same with the first scroll. (Remember, this is my second time around.) Another example of how fabulous and powerful the subconscious mind is!!!

Also, 2nd Draft of my DMP was difficult BUT I told my old blueprint to SHOVE IT, put on my dreaming hat, and a pot of coffee. It was delightful.

Until next week!

Happy Dreaming!


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