JOE:  Welcome to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, today I have Alicia Novoa, human behavior researcher, and author of a pretty incredible novel; Totally Naked: Tales of Healing.  Thanks for coming on the show Alicia, we’ve really been looking forward to having you.

Alicia:  Oh thank you.  Well, really I am honored Joe.  I’ve been a big fan of yours for a few years. I am always so refreshed by how articulate you are, how well-rounded you are, but if I could say nothing else I have to say it, your intellectual integrity is of the highest caliber. You have a great mind, and a good soul and it’s really an honor to be here, in your space.

JOE: Well thank you.   So, today is an exciting day for you.  Your novel/biography goes on sale today.

Alicia: Today is the Debut of my book, “Totally Naked: Tales of Healing”.  Which is really a chronicle of how I got here.

JOE: What do you want people to get out of this book?

Alicia: I want people to understand that it is possible to rise above the situation you were born in to, it is possible to rewire your brain and therefore change your whole life, and in conjunction with both of those I want people to understand they deserve that abundance!

For anyone who reads this story, it will be made clear that they can accomplish what they will in life, in spite of where they may have started.  I’ve given ‘em everything I’ve got.

JOE:  That’s fantastic.  Thank you so much.  You’ve been through some things; you’ve been in some pretty unique situations.

Alicia:  I have but at the same time they’re not unique.  When you’re in the depths of it, it always feels like you’re the only one who’s gone through it,but truthfully, many other people have experienced the same emotions.  We as humans feel better when we know this, that’s what Universality is.  We feel better knowing someone has gone through the same thing we have, it makes us feel human.  This book is my way of saying, “Hey, I’ve been there too”, and even more so, “here’s how I got through it”, in case anyone should find themselves needing help.

JOE: Needing what kind of help?

Alicia: I mean, has anyone here ever had a parent on drugs?  Right there I’m talking to at least a couple million people.   Ever been sexually abused as a child?  Ever been diagnosed with a chronic illness or been told by doctors you have physical limitations?  Ever had your heart broken?  With that one right there I’m talking to a couple hundred million more.  My experiences are not unique, but they are special to me.  I’m inclined to believe it will help someone else for me to share, so I did.    It was a healing step to take.

Joe: I like the title, it has shock value.  Why totally naked?

Alicia: Being naked is a metaphor for being vulnerable.  Vulnerability = Courage, and my goal was to be totally naked because that makes me the bravest.  It results in me being the strongest and my goal is to maximize my potential.  Growth is a must. Growth is my moral imperative.  Also, as a prospective counselor, it is my duty to work on myself and be in a good solid place and head space.  That is the ethical and responsible thing to do.


JOE: Well the book is a great read, and you do get totally naked in it, but it only makes you more lovable.  Now that I know all that about you, it only makes me love you more as a human.

ALICIA:  Thank you, I love you too, and thank you, I’m hoping that other people pick up on that as a theme, because it’s not just that way with me, it’s that way with everyone.  I’m not exactly sure why, maybe we appreciate vulnerability in others, maybe we identify with it. I’m not sure, but I do know it’s a surefire way to maximize your potential as a spiritual being having a human experience!

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