Week 4 Alicia’s MKMMA Adventure: Time to QUIT!!!…wait…what?!

Ok, this is a retroactive blog post.  Back in the Actual week four, I was refusing the call.  That’s something that happens for various reasons, the root of all of them being FEAR.

Ok, I have decided to backtrack, for those of you who don’t know me. I have been VERY blessed to have made new friends in the past years!  I also am PRIVILEGED to connect with a few of my Inner Beauty Clients via Facebook.

For this reason, I’m going to catch you up to speed, pretending you don’t know a thing about me.

My name is Alicia.

This is my fourth time taking the MKMMA course.  After taking it the first time, I was a lifetime member.

Have you ever had the experience where…You have a belief or view of something that is not the societal norm, yet you have faith it is the truth, and then at some wonderful point, you hear or read someone else express the SAME BELIEF OR LOGIC.

It is an EXTREMELY THERAPEUTIC experience appropriately named Universality by Irvin Yalom.  It’s one of his 11 Therapeutic Factors in Group Therapy.

11! ❤ Today is your Day 🙂

I distinctly remember learning about these, and remembering how therapeutically powerful Universality WAS/IS for ME. For some reason, I remember the feeling of being alone as the worst thing in the world, OR, one of my greatest fears has been that I will be misunderstood, which is unfortunate because that is totally out of my hands.  So my biggest fear is nothing I can control?!  That sounds terrible.

Anyway, why was I sold after my first time through the MKMMA Experience? Other than the fact that #ThereIsNothingLikeIt ?

For me, reading the Master Key by Hannel was like reading in print what I’d always known to be true in my soul, but I’d never heard anyone else say it aloud.  And then all of a sudden I hear Mark J and the Fabulous Davene speaking this language that I know in my soul to be truth.  So, I feel that feeling of, oh! I’m not the only person who believes/knows this, how awesome!

That is one reason. Because what this course teaches resonates with my soul.

2. Another reason that I love this course is because I’m determined to become the best version of myself, I believe growth is a moral imperative, and one of my personal pivotal needs is spirital growth. All of that means, growth is important to me and this course allows me to grow LEAPS and BOUNDS every TIME I take it!

So…what is my aim? What am I on this planet to do?


More to come!

All my best,



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