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Welcome to Week TWO of Alicia’s Master Key Adventure (AMKA)!

Truly, Week TWO and THREE of AMKA blend together a bit.

What do I want to tell you from my personal experience – my FOURTH time in the Second WEEK – (DONNA FROM P&R – anyone?!)?

I want to tell you – even after three years and into your fourth year of the MKE, you won’t have Everything figured out.  I don’t have it all figured out; but every single time I read the lessons, I get something new from them – something I’ve needed.

I have the capacity to be obsessive – when I want.  On every assignment, for every blog of every week, I have dreams of having time blocked off of my calendar, and for the seas to part, so that I may sit down with a hot cup of coffee, a clear and fresh mind, and write the best blog post that ever was written.  Real Life: Competing priorities, the job that pays the bills sucks up all of my brain energy.  Part of it is the shock of having school type assignments and more things to do throughout the day, ok I’ll get used to that.

To me, the taxing part is taking the time to put my heart and soul in to writing my DMP.  And why should I not want to do that?  Why should I not want to be in the best possible frame of mind before focusing on what I want to choose to build and feel for the next few years of my life.  Why would I not want to have the perfect moment carved out to work on what I came to this earth to build?

So now it’s time to do just that.

Other things that happened in Week 2:

My boyfriend, Patrick, read an index card on my wall, “What would the person I intend to become do next?”

After reading it aloud, he responded, “Hmm…that’s a question I have never asked myself before.”

That is a perfect example of how life is different in the #MasterKeyExperience.  You will ask yourself questions you’ve never asked before.  You will learn to think about things from a soul perspective, instead of what society feeds us for their own purposes.  Making soul-driven decisions, not society and media driven decisions.  Authentic life.  I understand Not Everyone wants that, but I do.  I want authentic, close, personal relationships.  I want to build an impermeable family village community.  I want to contribute to society at the micro and macro levels. I want so many things!!!  And I am so GRATEFUL!  I am Grateful I have abundant dreams and desires to help humanity.  My SOUL NUMBERS are 11 and 22.  My research shows that 11s incarnate to help the human race, and I can TOTALLY see myself up there, wherever souls hang, (the soul break room?) and an entity decides that the Human Race needs more Love in their world.  I see my Self jumping up and down with my soul appendage waving in the air squeeling, “I’ll go!  I’ll help!!! I want to help!”

That is my soul.  I can see it now.  I have to stop myself constantly from asking people if they need help, and often times I don’t stop myself and it makes me a great Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Expert, Counselor, and Soul Healer.

As a soul number 11, I decided to have a Human Experience; to come to Earth to Increase Love and Heal others in any way.  Healing others can mean …comforting a grieving stranger… to… greeting others with a smile and good morning every day… to… developing an evidence based curriculum helping reintegrate military veterans back in to the civilian world… to… giving someone a Makeover and Building up their Confidence Energy!  Healing can happen in so many ways.

I have a lot to focus on.

Master Key Lesson Two: explained how the two parts of our minds – Conscious and Subconscious –  how they work on the Mental, Physical, and Spiritual planes.  This knowledge is vital if we are to create the life we want.  How are we to win the game we are playing, if we don’t know the rules?

In the #MasterKeyExperience we are going to learn the rules about how to impress our Subconscious minds, in order to create the life we desire.  Sounds simple enough.  And it is simple, but it is not easy.  Luckily for me, I’ve been practicing for years, and anything with practice becomes easy. #ThanksOgMan

I love you all.  Thank you for your patience.  Thank you for sharing this journey with me.  Thank you for being a healing presence on the other side of the energy and love that went in to this blog.  Again, I love you all very much.  I’m going to work on showing other people how to do the same thing. (MY DMP)


All my best,


AliciaBlueprint Builder

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