MKMMA Week 17 : the Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift 
There are a few reasons/GIFTS/Blessings that could easily stand alone, and be such a benefit to my life that I would wholly recommend the Master Key Experience. I want to tell you about Betty and the gift the MKMMA gave me, the gift of forgiveness. 
Betty and I work together.  
First I heard of her was her employees saying something negative I’m sure, like disgruntled employees will do. The first time I saw her she looked MEAN, and I’m sure I sent out all kinds of nasty vibes. So I made my mind up that Betty was bad news. 

Well, Betty and I ended up working closely with one another, and while I was always polite and respectful, something about her bothered me deeply. I felt she was ingenuine, which is equivalent to violating a sacred vow in my code of honor and ethics. She reminded me of my mother. I. Did. Not. Love. Her.  

I realized how much my distaste for her had grown, when she did something I didn’t agree with and I felt my anger go through the roof. I was truly bothered by her actions. 
 I was throwing out MAJOR judgment.  
So about a month ago, in MKMMA class, we’re talking about the seven laws of the mind and the law of forgiveness comes up. Mark helps us clear the channel; he recites a wonderful blessing and your journey of forgiveness for whomever you need to forgive, it happens there.  

I picked Betty.  

  I knew I needed to forgive her for whatever she (didn’t) do that upset me so much. And I remember thinking “Good Lord how am I going to do this?” And the answer was so simple:

Love. Her. 
Sooo I started. I rehearsed in my brain and I prayed about it and thought about how to love her. I thought nice things about her and just thought “Forgiveness. Love her. I love you.” And really focused on it when we interacted.  
Oh and I forgot to mention, Betty was not nice to me. She didn’t like me at all. I felt she was always giving me impossible or insulting tasks and eye contact with me looked painful for her.
Well I’ll be damned, if the minute that I started loving her, she softened. I loved her more, she loved me more. I cannot believe on the kind and wonderful person (Betty) I was missing out on, because of preconceived notions, and the kind of energy I was putting out. No more.
I am so blessed by this healed wound in my life. No one should evoke so much negative emotion from me. That’s my scar. That’s my responsibility. So I will forgive and love, and I am truly blessed, because she was forgiving and loving in return.  
And my gift is the current status of our relationship. She invited me to eat lunch the other day and it was lovely! 
I am so blessed by her, and by the encouragement and support I had in initiating this change. 
I mean the MKE here.
 It was well planned out, because prior to this lecture, for a month already I’ve been reciting “I greet this day with love in my heart.” And “I know a negative attitude toward others can never bring me success.” The MKE helped me lay the groundwork for this forgiveness. They helped me clear and open my creative channel, and I keep it that way with a positive mental diet.  
Anyway, I could go on and on. But that GIFT, The gift of forgiveness, is one of the many benefits in my life from the Master Key Experience, and one of the greatest gifts of my life. It has made me, ME of ALL people…MORE loving!!! If anyone even thought that would be possible! It showed me How TO BE more loving. 

2 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 17 : the Greatest Gift

  1. Alicia, Earlier in one of the lessons, Haanel describes the value of clearing every day at its end so we do not bring yesterday’s issues forward and so we may be clear for our sits. Thanks for a lovely sharing.

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