Week 16: Watch what Kindness Does…

My favorite consequence of this class…Is it the class? It’s what we do in the class.  

Week 16 was the week of kindness, and it was heart and eye opening.  
We had an assignment: Be kind and notice others being kind. 

We had already laid the groundwork for this assignment. If I was ever not feeling kind for some reason I’d think, “love them. Be kind, love everybody.” Thank you Scroll 2 of The Greatest Salesman by Og Mandino. “I greet this day with love in my heart.”

I am a different person.  


“I promise to bring a gift wherever I go.”

A smile is a gift! So I smile at everyone.
I’m at work and looking for ways to be of service…with a smile!

“Hi! I’m happy to help you over here!”

Be of service.
I actually got an email from a coworker, someone higher up, and the subject said “Thank you.” She said I was “a ray of sunshine.” 


She called me a ray of sunshine.

I am wearing my heart on my sleeve, loving humanity, and I know it’s effecting people. 

Have you ever walked in to a room with love on your heart and on your mind? 

Just do that, and start smiling. 

 No, they won’t think you’re crazy. They might wonder where your joy comes from.  

But watch. Do it.

People relax. People are relieved by it, and those who want to, will smile back.

Where I go now, I can bring the energy. I bring the joy. I bring the love. And it is a fantastic feeling.  

People want to feel good. They want to be happy and it’s like my joy and love gives them permission to do the same!

It’s amazing. I know Mark and Dave have shared,

“When we let our light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.” 

I get it. It’s true. 

And all of a sudden I am filled up, because I realize that I Have been SHINING MY LIGHT!

And as it states in my DMP, “I feel truly ALiVE when I observe myself being a better version of myself, because GRoWTH is my moral imperative. Progress is my fuel in life!”

I’ve always wanted to shine my light! And I see now I have been!


Happy Dance! 

This ability to love others and be kind and be of service and see how dramatically it effects people, this might be my favorite gift I’ve received so far in life. A gift to me, that just by carrying love in my heart for others, I can lift their spirits, even if just for a moment.

Love is the ultimate healer.  

Thank you MKMMA and all my members who did the kindness week. I felt it.

Thank you God and the Universe for this class. Thank you for the gift you’ve given to me, and to us all.
Thanks for allowing me to share with you all! I love you! 

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