MKMMA Week 15: I AM on my Hero’s Journey!

It just hit me yesterday.I moved two weeks ago and ever since I’ve felt unsettled and all over the place. I wasn’t keeping up with things and I wished I could be more positive and loving to myself. I’d been thinking about that for a couple of days.  

And then it hit me.

I am unsettled. I am uncomfortable. I’m working overtime to cover expenses. I’m about 5-10lbs heavier than I’d like to be but I’m not in a place to give 100% to my diet so I’m not ready to start. Oh. And I turn 29 on Jan 31.
All these things about my circumstances would almost make one think I wasn’t doing well, overall.  
And then it hit me.
Moving was the first step of my Hero’s Journey. I am doing GREAT overall! I’ve taken the leap! I feel good about where and in whom I’ve placed my faith. I am inching forward, one step at a time, and I continue to do so.  

I am so grateful. I’m so grateful for all my challenges and all my blessings, for they are one and the same! Thank you for the ability to intentionally create and thank you for the choice to choose our intentions. This makes us the writer and director and star of our own movie and that is a blessing, a true GIFT. 
I am uncomfortable as far as everything is NEW: routines, house, roommate, commute, part of town, etc. BUT I am actually counting WHERE I AM IN LIFE Right now as a WIN. I have ventured out on my own to create the life I want.

  If I’m looking at progress, I also believe I’ve done a great job. I had the funds available to do the move, when it was time. It barely affected my work, I think I defaulted to a black wardrobe 2 days in a row, may have looked a bit rough but nothing major.  

It didn’t BREAK ME! A major life change like this I don’t think I’ve ever handled so well, with as little unnecessary emotional turmoil and the most positive mental attitude I’ve ever had. Granted, this transition has felt divinely inspired: the timing, the roomie, the house. Not only did it fall into place beautifully, I have been overwhelmed by the loving generosity and support of family and friends.  
Peoples generosity has been inspiring! I mean, I am in serious gratitude and detriment to a certain couple who GAVE me a mattress and boxspring! I asked to borrow their air mattress and they GAVE me a mattress and boxspring. What a Blessing!!
Anyway, it seems such a loving thing to do, so graciously and generously help others, giving of your own. It makes me feel so loved when people are SO generous! 

 Well, My roommate is always SO generous! She is always saying I’m welcome to this or that and is so gracious about it all. She even bought my favorite flavor of Ramen noodles!!!? Who does that?! 

My roomie does, that’s who. 

I am so blessed!!!
So anyway, there is no recoil. Things are shaken up a bit but I know slowly and surely they will fall in to place. It will take time and consistency. And in the meantime, I have a life to create! It’s time to dig in deeper on the exercises! Be more excited and create something more exciting! It will be HARMONIOUS!!!
Ok, time to get to work. I love you all. And remember you are Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, and Happy!!!

5 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 15: I AM on my Hero’s Journey!

  1. Thanks for helping us all realize that challenges are opportunities in disguise as Og says. This is a great example of the transition from cement to gold. You are rising above your former self to become the mountain of personal success that you deserve to be. Thanks for sharing.


  2. So inspiring that you appreciate the little things. Ramen Noodles! but more importantly that you are grateful for all of it! Ups, downs, changes, discomfort.. and the hero’s journey! Proud of you!

    I pray your downs are not so far and your ups reach even further up than before!

    Caryn Elizabeth Kehrly
    MKMMA Certified Guide

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