week 13: I have an Earnest heart and desire…

to be in harmony.

  I have an earnest heart and desire to be in harmony with my MKMMA peers. I want to apologize for falling behind.  As I heard on the week 15 webinar, there are some going through personal traumas that are still keeping up with their blogs.  I have no excuse! Only an earnest desire to get in be in harmony with my peers. 

So here is my week 13 blog.  I’ve found myself in a rut and now I will proceed to dig my way out. I refuse to quit. But there is no giving less than 110% either.  Now is the time, so I put in the work.  

I’ll start with an attitude of gratitude, recognizing where the MKMMA has made a HUGE positive difference in my life.

I am in the process of a major life change.  

In the past, before MKE, a life change like this would have been (has been) extremely disruptive, like, it was all I could do to keep myself together with something like this going on. I’d struggle to get to work on time, or maybe struggle financially. 

First thing, this transition symbolizes that I am truly believe I deserve to have what I want: Major positive step! 

Not only that, I am making a major transition now, and I’m keeping it together, somehow, miraculously!  People in my life have stepped in and offered their support, in every way I could ever need. I have prayed to maintain a calm and collected state of mind, for the smoothest transition possible.  That is a very different blueprint from the old overly-emotional me.  

The Universe has provided everything I could possibly need.


 But then again, I am nature’s greatest miracle! 😉
I feel gratitude radiate like warm sun on my skin, I am SO blessed!  

I told my tribe I was struggling a bit, and working my way out of a rut. So? So then, someone messages me, offering support and accountability as I climb my way out of this rut. I am so blessed!

 I know there is no quitting. There’s no going back. I am buckling down because quitting is NOT an option. 

 This class, this Master Key Journey, has continued to IMPROVE my INNER STABILITY AND FOUNDATION, I am so grateful. So grateful.  

The next blog won’t be far behind!

Thank you for reading and feeding my earnest desire!!

Love you all and see you soon!

One thought on “week 13: I have an Earnest heart and desire…

  1. So good for you!!!!! God bless you for all your work and effort.You are not alone, and even Mark telling his story went through all the same stuff. There is within all of us the same spiritual genealogy. WE ARE ONE, WE ARE WINNERS

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