Week 12: STILL persisting….

I am a week behind in blogging. This is my blog for Week 12, and Week 13 is due by tomorrow at midnight. But that’s ok! At least I’m getting it done now. 

I do not want to let Christmas be an excuse to slack off on trying to create my new, wonderful, & fabulous life! Alicia 6 months from now, Alicia 18 months from now, she is counting on me! 
Truth be told, I’ve been prioritizing Christmas things for one function or another, basically trying to keep up with everything. Lately I’ve been getting things done the night before or the day of said function, but not sooner for some reason?! 
Like I told you earlier, I’ve been putting off blogging, and putting off blogging, probably because I didn’t want to reflect on the fact I’d not been prioritizing the exercises!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been nonstop busy, productive even! I’ve made potatoes for this party, and fudge for friends and family, and had to get a present for this party, and all the usual beef stroganoff. I could have Prioritized blogging and I didn’t. I let it go for a whole week, multiple opportunities. 

I’ve been doing GOOD things, but not what is going to add the most VALUE to my life in the long run. 

I am sharing this so you’ll know the signs!!! If you start to notice these, reign it back in! Get on a webinar. Listen to Ch. 13 or ALL of the master key audios. Just remember, Quitting ISN’T an Option! To quit is to Perish.  

I want to thank Sarah and Luc for guest speaking on the Webinar for Week 13. There were so many messages on that webcast that I needed to hear!   

This journey is not an easy one, that’s a large part why so few do it. It’s not easy! Sarah and Luc both paralleled it to SCALING a MOUNTAIN so it’s OK if it has been challenging so far! 
 GOOD NEWS FLASH: It about to be EFFORTLESS for me, because I have developed the habit of persistence. With four tiny habits, I am persistent in manifesting my dreams.  

I make a persistence to do list.  

A small list to make sure I’m hitting each of the four habits every day.  


I do NOT have the energy to slack off and then give myself a first class lashing because I broke my promises. I am not interested in that at all, it sounds dreadful, and I know from experience it is! 

So I’m going to give it a rest. It is the 22nd and there is still much to execute.  

Every day I make it a priority to do all mental exercises, the entire working plan of action, and be a vigilant guardsmen consuming only good brain food.  

Give more get more! It is worth it!!!

I do not default. I stay on guard. Give more, get more. Just like, “be the change you wish to see in the world”, how about “be the change you wish to see in yourself”. 

I imagine the life of my future self, and that wonderful life is created by my great habits! 

One of the things I decided about my future life is that I would feel incredibly loved. That is a feeling I could always use more of, and why not generate that for myself? So, with the Law of Dual Thought, I associate the completion of a mental exercise with feeling cared for, nurtured, and deeply loved by my past self. It also promotes those feelings for me toward my future self, because I love me and I want her to be whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!

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