MKMMA week 10:  I’m Keying it! 


Ok. It has finally happened. I am having experiences! Miracles are occurring as we speak.  
Prior to today this seemed like such an elusive club. This is my third time taking the class (i think I’ve mentioned that a time or two.) and I have been trying really hard lately, and doing well, and staying positive, and picking new stimuli, and anywho, it happened!

I wrote a service on my service card, around 530pm. I wanted to revamp/recalculate my diet as a service to myself. Mix it up a bit.  

 By 9pm I was COMPELLED to start working on it and it wasn’t bad at all!! I had been dreading it but it was SEEMINGLY effortless. I had the brainpower. I had the time. I was able to organize my thoughts!! I stayed with it till it was done. Holy Cow! 

This is amazing. I cannot wait to see what else I can do! Don’t worry, always for the greater good!! 😁😁

Putting “Revamp diet” on notecard 

As soon as I did, It was done. I was COMPELLED to get it done from that point forward and before I knew it the resources were there. They were complimented by my planning practice. *i practiced planning my evening to fit everything important in,”

And here I am writing like I wanted to be writing. Holy Hell. This is … GLORIOUS!
Thank you Jesus. Thank you Mark and Davene. Thanks to my guide, shout out to Dr. Deb. And thank you to everyone who is brave enough to stay in Harmony. I’ve watched you and practiced with you for three years and this week I joined you. I’m enjoying this state of being. I’m enjoying being the observer. The fight isn’t over, however. Every day I’m a vigilant guardsman at the Gate, and it takes all my attention. FOCUS!! But I only want the very best materials to build my mental home. I will not let anything in that does not have some helpful end in view. I will examine each thought from the Subby’s perspective and determine whether it is beneficial or not. Beneficial may pass. Not will not pass. It will not be accepted by the subconscious nor will I allow it to be a repeated stimulus. There are a few songs I will miss, like Sia/Sean Paul’s cheap thrills. I will not repeat “I don’t need no money.” Because I don’t want my subconscious to hear it. Because I do need money. I deserve abundance! Anyway, it’s just not the most positive message so I’m going to let that one go. No more. There are still MOUNTAINS of great music that are good brain food, okay for the Subby songs. And there are MOUNTAINS more that are positive and encouraging words and messages I want to sink in deeply.  
I’m currently building a Good for Subby Brain Food list on YouTube. It’s public if you want to take a listen.  
That’s it for week 10. I’ve missed you all and I’m ready to get back at the webinars. And I’m excited to connect more with my people! 
I always keep my promises,
Alicia Novoa


8 thoughts on “MKMMA week 10:  I’m Keying it! 

    1. No I did not. The first time I think I made it to 17 and the second time I think I made it to 21. Law of Practice! I feel good about this time! I’ve never been more engaged in the exercises and it’s happening. I am sticking with it!
      Thanks so much for reading and for calling me gutsy! Much love to you!!


  1. Alicia, I hadn’t thought about the songs and I love that song, too! Thank you for pointing that out!!! You can totally do this! I tell myself it is just like Dory, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”! Would love to hear more of how it is going for you!

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