My entire youth and school career, I was an overachiever.  I loved being an overachiever. It seemed that with hard work and a positive attitude, there was nothing that I couldn’t accomplish! And that was always really fun for me. I enjoyed telling people I was going to do something, and then next telling them it was done.   With humility and gratitude of course.  But it was like I had this power to manifest anything I chose.  

My Definite Major Purpose in life is to get that ability to manifest back.  To get that attitude and belief back, that I have the power to manifest anything I choose, because I do! With hard work and a positive attitude! As long as it doesn’t take away from anyone else’s good, it’s good for you good for your neighbor.   I more often than not want to manifest things like learning more about the autism spectrum, everyone on it, and also those who lovingly stand by and watch the journey.  Well, if I have that goal, and I know exactly what to do to manifest it, well that is a good thing. I have faith in humanity that most people at their core want to help their neighbors.  So, I’ve decided my gold medal, what I would train like a gold medal Olympian for, is to be a Master @Manifesting.  To be able to manifest anything you desire, as long as it’s good for everyone, is essentially like having a SUPER POWER.  

So, until now I’d been setting myself up for failure.  I would think of all the things I had to do and I would let myself get overwhelmed and not do anything, and beat myself up for not doing anything.

As Mark & Davene instructed, I need to pick a stimulus to come before the “Ahh! Overwhelmed, Let everything drop.” Stimulus.  

So my pre-curser stimulus is that I’m An Overachiever and I love going above and beyond expectations of others and myself.  With this stimulus, I choose to be productive and complete ALL mental exercises and the entire Plan of Action with ENTHUSIASM! I am Knocking it Out of the Park!  In the name of letting my light shine so that others may do the same, I do an enthusiastic and gracious victory lap. I am proud of my efforts and I ask God to bless me to use this experience to help others.  That’s where I am victorious.  In service.  Amen! #overachiever

Ahh!!!  This is fun and exciting.  

I’m going to make that a notecard!

So on my TO DO: change my DMP, rearrange and more clearly identify my Personal pivotal needs, Update my guide on the changes, Update note cards and movie poster and press release.  Get ready to use imagination.  Have fun!

I’ll let you all know when the Press Release has been updated!

Thanks for coming along.  I love you all!

I always keep my promises,

Alicia Novoa


6 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 9: Overachiever/Master@Manifesting

  1. Alicia, talk about keeping at it, You have more sick-to-it-ness than most 28 year olds that I know.
    Number THREE really! I read ALL of your blogs and found a lot of depth, honesty and real effort in them. You will find your bliss because YOU keep your promises. You wrote it yourself a year ago in your blog. (I think it was Nov 8, 2015 I want you to know and BELIEVE that YOU CAN BE WHAT YOU WILL TO BE. Remain a curious seeker of the truth and maintain your sense of humor and keep organized note for your book and it will be a best seller. Peace!


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