MKMMA Week 8: Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

Ok this was an interesting week for me, to say the least.
I would say the first part of the week was spent feeling overwhelmed…which is your old blueprint trying to get you to give up! Or so I heard on the webcast. And I really appreciated that because if there’s one feeling I’m great at, it’s OVERWHELMED! I don’t know when it started happening but at some point in my life I would just think about so many things at one time that needed to happen that I would get overwhelmed and paralyzed with anxiety and than not do anything and be mad / self loathe because I did nothing! Huh!!! It was a Vicious cycle.  

So, over the past few years, as I’ve taken the MKMMA a couple times so far, that pattern has lessened significantly. I am increasingly able to handle more stress, negative and positive, and take on new challenges. I’m 28 years old and finally adulting way more than I ever would have without the course. My mental health is greater and more positive, my outlook is brighter. I have identified goals for my life and I am making strides in that direction.  

With the encouragement and wisdom that we got from Jason’s piece about “Small incremental improvements” I am able to think differently about the exercises and how I am doing. Thank you Jason. In the gym it’s one rep a week, I try to increase by just one something every day, and I’ve seen how that adds up quickly. And I love to push myself.  
So anywho, back to this week.

This time I got super OVERWHELMED and I only let it all go for a couple days and I’m back to completing all the exercises and finding a better way to make sure I get all the exercises in each day and don’t act surprised when I’m exhausted at the end of the night and am too tired and then have an internal struggle about it and the result is 50/50 and my brain thinks a bonus is when I break my promise and then I can kick myself for that. Ahh! 

Good news: let’s call it “falling off the wagon”. First time I took this course, at times I would fall off the wagon for weeks at a time. Second time, it wouldn’t be as long I would fall off the wagon for a week at a time. This is my third time, I fell off the wagon for three days. 


I am ready to train for my GOLD Medal!

Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

Galaxy Quest Reference

About Time

So, listening to Mark on the webby really struck a cord, the part where he talked about setting himself up for failure. I thought, “Where am I savatoging myself /setting myself up?” It hit me. I get overwhelmed. I don’t think I have time to do everything, but I don’t actually know how much time it all takes. I should time it.  

That coupled with what Davene talked about, how precious time is and how I’m responsible for making it valuable by how I manage it. Do I manage my time well? I have TOnS of room for improvement!
I’m going to preempt the ‘overwhelmed so I give it all up’ stimulus…1. By planning better OATS 2. promising to follow my schedule to the T and promise to complete my plan of action.  

Look at the compass. I’m looking at the compass. What is the compass? It’s my conversation with Shonna. I feel DESERVING And ACComplished! I am highly mentally stimulated! It’s what I tell someone when they’re asking about how my research is coming.  
Jason – when he talked about Olympians…it got me thinking about how they train to compete. Well if you want a gold medal you have to train like you do. Well, what is my gold medal equivalent? What would I wake up early for and do two, three workouts a day for? My DMP! So that’s what I’m going to do. It’s laid out for me. All I have to do is the work, and let it happen!
Do the work. I am sitting, using my imagination, putting FEELING in to it. 
I’m submitting for your approval my MKMMA notebook/task list. It’s the most organized I’ve been in the three times I’ve done this! 

And the task list doubles as another opportunity for linking.


I love you all, thank you for being on this journey with me!

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