MKMMA Week 6 – I’m doing the work.

I’m doing the work.

I’m doing the hard mental labor.

Something makes me think I’m getting it now that I’ve taken this class for the third time.  Truly, I believe what Mark and Davene have been saying is sinking in because I started listening to the webinar repeatedly on my commute.

It was like the first and second times it didn’t register, but now with the third and fourth and fifth times, I literally feel it sinking in to my brain.

I am also using my imagination.  Once I get going, I really tap in to the channel.

I am almost entirely caught up.

All I need to do is the shapes around the house and movie poster and recording. But first revise my DMP.  Ok… I’m not almost entirely caught up, but I know what I need to do.

And I’m crossing those off my list one at a time.  I will continue to push forward.  One step.  Then another.  Then another.

Ok: come hell or high water, tomorrow I will be posting my week 7 Blog about being caught up on everything.  I am going to get in that space and have fun and not worry about perfection.

p.s. I’m also working on my Christmas list.  I’m using it as an exercise to learn to be a better receiver of gifts! 😀

Also as an exercise to practice thinking about what I want.  Because in life, you only get what you ask for and you would only ask for it if it occurred to you to have it, i.e. you wanted it.

Oh, and I’m staying Positive!  In order to greet the day with love and keep the channel of divine ideas wide open!

So many things, but all good things.

I promise to be caught up by November 13, 2016.

I always keep my promises!

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