MKMMA Week 5 or Weak 5?

Why are you fighting this so hard?

You have no excuses.

Go there.


I haven’t been doing my best.  This blog should have been done last week and I’ve yet to make my movie poster.  I want to be in harmony with the group.  It’s so incredibly important.

I started really connecting to the shapes today.  Wherever I was, I would pause and look for the four shapes.  Look for red circles *true health*.  Turns out the kitchen is covered in red  circles!  Yellow squares, also quite popular.  I was shocked at how many fantastic psychological triggers were all over my house already! I just had to look for them!

Before I started writing this blog, I was having trouble moving forward on MKMMA work I needed to do, work I’m behind on.  There was no time last week and this weekend I have put every other thing before it.  I’ve cooked and meal prepped, cleaned the house.  I did all the practical things but I was having major trouble getting myself to sit down and work on MKMMA something.

Maybe I just felt compelled to get all my chores done first?

Either way, it’s time to dig deep and be in harmony.

So this blog was my confession, and my apology.  It puts me one step closer to being back in harmony, and the next step is to catch up.  Ending with the current week’s blog post will mark completion and being in harmony and caught up.


It’s time to get excited!  To do this next part I need to muster up great feelings!!!  Time to jump up and down as I listen to my song that gives me the greatest feelings!

Uh oh running out of breath but I oh I’ve got stamina

see another mountain to climb but I I’ve got stamina

Don’t give up won’t give up don’t give up no no no

Don’t give up I won’t give up don’t give up no no no

I’m free to be the greatest, I’m alive

I’m free to be the greatest here tonight




One thought on “MKMMA Week 5 or Weak 5?

  1. Hi Alicia, Wishing you a great time in MKMMA this year. Last year, it was all of the tech & peripherals that had me stymied- as it was just too much on top of the way too busy Fall I had with my business and travel. So, it’s wonderful to hear that you’re going to be able to catch up. Brava! Perhaps a positive version of your affirmation might be useful?
    “I do have stamina. I can keep going. Yes, Yes, YES!”
    Yours in Gratitude

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