MKMMA Week 3 – I’m getting pumped!

Ok.  This is the day I go all in.  I’ve been listening to the week 4 webinar between yesterday and today, to make up for this weekend when I was on a plane coming back from Florida.  I have already gone through cycles of feeling guilty for not being on the live webinar.  Well, now I’ve seen the week 4 webinar and I’m fired up!

The cycles of guilt I mentioned earlier? They are not fun.  That is definitely something I go through in my head.  “Well, you’re X many days behind.  It’s going to be hard.  You should have planned better.”  I punish myself!  I talk negatively to myself.  Every time I don’t do something exactly perfect I torment myself, berate myself even.  I mean, no profanity but just very condescending and like I should know everything and do everything perfectly i.e. be perfect.

Well, I do that first, and then when I try to muster the energy to try again I observe… my self-talk is still recovering from the beating…I just took…FROM MYSELF.

holy hell.

I think the solution is a different, positive response to imperfection or not reaching perfection, (possibly link to learning *which is the goal*)!

This is the first time I’ve really thought through all this.  I am going to channel all that follow-up energy to only positive thoughts focused on growth and reaching my goals.  All that time and energy, so much energy, spent fussing at myself will be redirected to cheering myself on!!!

So as you have to in order to win in TX Hold ‘Em, I am going ALL IN!!!

I’m doing this the right way.  Hearing these explanations for the third and fourth times, I feel it really sinking in, really cementing itself in  my brain.

I will master these exercises.  I will master the routine and all the progressions.  I will master linking shapes to colors to phrases to ideas to beliefs.  I will master giving and receiving.  I will master linking. I will master time management.  I will master manifesting new peptides and creating a winning neuro-net.  I master imagining my perfect reality and seeing myself there.  I will do all this and more.  I will master observation.  I will focus on the world within.  I will be ok with being there (the world within).  It’s a good place to visit and I like to be there and take a look around.  It’s hard to get there sometimes but that will get better with practice.

So, I don’t know if you can feel the conviction but I’m ready to go!  I have a ton to catch up on but I’m done giving less than 100%.  This has all my focus right now.  I will observe the addiction I have to procrastination and failure, and I will choose to use that energy to bear down and focus.  You want it badly, so get hyped! I’m getting hyped!

Has anyone else noticed a similar experience?  Tell me about it in the comments!

Ok, I have so much to do.  Thank you for much for listening, for allowing me to share with you!

I am excited to be in the flow and in harmony with the rest of the class.  Thank you all for allowing me to be honest with you and honest with myself.  Time to get pumped and get to work!

2 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 3 – I’m getting pumped!

  1. Hi; great blog& I can relate. This is my third time through and what has struck me most this time and proving helpful is just focusing on planning each week ahead and building habits of completions even if the time table gets a little off as long as the little off does not become the new habit😀❤️

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  2. Alicia – you are ON IT! All the way up! 🙂 I’d even say you can take that word “will” out of this blog, cuz you ARE doing it. I’m so loving your journey!!

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