MKMMA Week 2: I see the hill ahead, boots strapped, ready to climb.

I had a spiritual experience last night.  I feel a heightened awareness, a sense of being able to see just a bit more than I could before.  This heightened awareness, or enlightenment, has allowed me an increased self-acceptance and increased self-awareness.  Thank you, God, for this gift.  I’m focused on growing; finding out who I am and becoming the best version of myself, so I consider my experience a true gift.

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One of the conclusions I’ve drawn from my experience:  it is time to put in more work.  It is time to work harder.  It’s time to put in more work than I have been.

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How many different ways and how many times can I say this; I’m not where I want to be because it is necessary to put in work to get there.  I have to devote mental and emotional resources to the cause.  To this point I’ve been putting mental and emotional resources toward that aim, but more in the sense of beating myself up for not being there already, and sitting in fear from the last failure, trying desperately to believe in myself.

Well, I’m starting to believe in myself, and I’m tired of beating myself up for mistakes I’ve made.  It’s time to move on, move forward, move toward something worth having, a life worth living.  It’s time to move!

Part of this epiphany comes from the fact that I completely 100% and totally buy in to/agree with The Master Key’s explanation of how the universe works.  It’s something I knew intuitively before ever putting my eye on the page, so to read it was comforting, and a little mind blowing at the same time.  The Master Key confirms something I’ve known deep inside for years, and reading those ideas from somewhere outside of myself for the first time, well, it was unique.

I know what I want in life, or at least the next five years.  My job now is to describe in the greatest detail exactly what I want, get excited about it, and impress that excitement and desire upon my subconscious mind.  That doesn’t sound difficult at all.  I’m not exactly sure why or maybe I don’t want to spend the mental energy exploring it, but it actually has been a bit more difficult than it should.  Let this be nothing more than the reality, a simple challenge to overcome just like any other challenge.

Now, my mind is set on work.  I have work to do, and that work is to detail my ideal future.  I will detail getting into a PhD program for counseling psychology at University of Tennessee.  I will detail true health in all its aspects including financial, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.  I will detail having rich relationships with friends and family. I will detail how I intend to heal myself, and grow to be the best version of myself.

It’s time to get to work!!!

Love and light,

I always keep my promises,


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