MKE Week 19: I’m still here!


I’m still here.  Albeit confused.

This blog post is a bit late, and again I was awaiting inspiration that never came, so I will use honesty.

Honestly, I’m a bit confused.  I am not going to be super upset about this.  My old blueprint would get all in a tizzy and call me a failure but I know this is not the case.  I’m not giving up, and I will persist until I succeed.  I’ve been sitting every day and I will continue to sit.  I’ve finally emailed my guide to ask for some guidance.  Use my resources!

What’s my problem?

I don’t have a problem! I have an opportunity.  I have a challenge!

So what is it?

I think I know my Personal Pivotal Needs, but I can’t figure how they factor in to my definite major purpose.  So I’m confused.

I want to answer the call.  I want to go on the hero’s journey.  I feel like i’m being self-aware and I have questioned if this “confusion” is just me refusing the call, but I don’t think it is! I think I’m genuinely confused.

As of late, I’ve not been in total harmony, and I feel like it’s because I’ve not settled on what I believe is my authentic definite major purpose including my correct personal pivotal needs aka OXYGEN to my SOUL.

I’m keeping the faith.  I know I will find them.  I can do this.  If other people have done this, I can do this, because once I find them, there are no limits to what I can accomplish.

I love you all!  Praying for everyone on this journey sending lots of love and good energy your way.

Happy Dreaming!!!


2 thoughts on “MKE Week 19: I’m still here!

  1. This is my second time through the MKMMA and today’s webinar was a great reminder for me! It reminded me of 2 things. Pin down my A & B actions and focus on the dash. I taught Tennis for many years, and I learned about learning as much as I taught about Tennis. I am still learning about both. I’ve played and learned about Tennis for over 60 years, and I genuinely love both the learning and the teaching. If I am still learning about Tennis and teaching, my guess is I will still be learning and sharing the process of the MKMMA for my next 60 or more years.

    THERE IS NO DONE! There is only NEXT STEP, so enjoy it!


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