MKMMA Week 17a: The Hero’s Journey…In to the Unknown!

If anyone has noticed the pattern by now, we usually progress with a lesson each week.  This week, however, we did not move on to a new chapter.  We had a review week, and what some call a “come to Jesus talk” meaning, let’s get real honest about what we’re discussing.

What was the real talk about?

Well, the Master Key Journey is really about embarking on the The Hero’s Journey, which is truly listening to our hearts and moving toward finding the bliss our heart and soul speaks of, however unknown the territory may be.


For me, it is the journey of becoming a music artist, being able to write and perform original music that is healing to humanity and raises universal consciousness.  More than that, it’s behaving the way a music artist would, discovering what those habits are and developing them, incorporating them into my life and really visualizing myself as this new person.  The hero’s journey is acting like the person I want to be, all the time, and as I continue to do this and inhabit the spirit of that person I will become them.  Me.  The current me will become the future me.

What else did they tell us about the Hero’s Journey?

That refusal to do the exercises we’ve been practicing is the same thing as DENYING The call to greatness!  Refusal to do the exercises is saying no to the Hero’s Journey, cowering from the potential to grow into a mountain.

Well, I’ll be completely honest.  I got off to a great start the first couple months of the class, doing every exercise, every day, and always keeping my promises.  I started a new job about a month ago, switched from working nights to working days, and I’ve never really solidified those habits into my new schedule.

I remember how hard it was to fit everything in when I was doing it, and the reality is, I’ve not been trying as hard as I can.

I’m not going to keep protecting this life I’m trying to grow out of.  I am going to embark on the hero’s journey, which means doing ALL the exercises, WITH enthusiasm, NO MATTER WHAT.

Not saying it’s going to be easy at first, but it will get easier, and come on… THE LIFE I AM WORKING TOWARD IS BEYOND WORTH THE EFFORT.  For people to see me and know I’m a musical being, to be able to relate to, connect, and move people with music!

The hardest part?  Stepping into the unknown.  Breaking away from what I think I know, and embracing not knowing every thing that’s in front of me.

I expect the next few weeks to be very interesting.  There will be lots of effort coming from me, but thankfully I’m connected to the Universal Source so I am a fountain of energy. J

God Bless and Happy Dreaming!

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