MKE Week 16: Progress

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of blessings, that also have mixed up my daily/weekly routine, including my MKMMA routine.  I have so much outstanding. AGain, all great things! And instead of feeling overwhelmed, I’m feeling the progression.

I guess for getting off track this week with MKE, I didn’t feel I had so much to write about on this blog.  Then, before I knew it, it’s Monday morning…3 days past the deadline! And that’s no excuse! If I’m not inspired to write about something, I need to think of something to write!  So there I am finding that the old blueprint is not completely gone and diligence is required to continue on my path to my new future selfie.

We are asked to pay extra attention to and take note of one virtue a week for the next couple months.  My virtue this week is SELF-CONTROL and I’m very grateful it is because I need a lot of it to help me get back in harmony!

This week will be a great week for me and I hope for everyone else too.  I wish you all lots of beautiful days and progress in your journey, and that your soul gets whatever it is needing.

And for the sake of adding a picture that will hopefully make you smile, This is my dog Libby.


God Bless and Happy Dreaming!!!

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