Week 13: It’s OKAY to get what you want!

Week 13 means it’s been over three months now.  I’ve never felt more attached to this dream than I do now, except I don’t have a clear mental picture yet.

Maybe instead of attached to the dream, I’m now attached to the fact that I can manifest WHATEVER I want….and That I deserve to manifest what EVER I want.  “Whatsoever things ye desire, ask and ye shall receive.”

I’ve been getting a lot of things I want lately.  What I’ve noticed is that even though I thought other people would be jealous or rude about it, some people have been really sweet and other people don’t care either way! I’ve been getting things that I’ve been wanting, good things are happening, and no one is upset about it, people aren’t rude about it.  There was one person who acted kind of jealous but I think it gave her the idea that SHE could do better too. Like, “if she can get that so can I” attitude, which is awesome!!! Because she can do better! We all can!

Anyway, somewhere along the way in my life and up until this point I had been hesitant to do really well.  Sounds like an odd thing, I admit.  Maybe because at one point people expected me to do great things, and when I had hard times, I felt like a disappointment.  I could postulate a slew of reasons why I’ve been hesitant to do well, but they all boil down to one anyway, fear.

And I’m finding out more and more each day, there’s nothing to be scared of!  I can do well, and give more, and it doesn’t take away from anyone else. It only means I have more to give!

What have a received that I wanted so much?  2 things…A new job that comes with a brand new and wonderful schedule, m-f 8-5. (I was formerly doing 12 hr night shift)  This will make all my daily exercises MUCH more manageable I believe! I’m so excited to have a set schedule and design my day around an eight hour shift!

The other thing I got that I’ve been wanting SO much…a keyboard!  I want to learn to play piano so very much, so I can share my soul through original music, heal humanity, raise universal consciousness, and build a global brand worth $444 million! (My one sentence DMP if you can guess :)) With my new keyboard I am one step closer but BOY do I have my work cut out for me!!!  My cup runneth over!!!

Thanks so much to everyone on this journey with me, whether you’re just watching or participating. I love you all so much, we’re in for a FABULOUS new year!

Happy Dreaming!!


6 thoughts on “Week 13: It’s OKAY to get what you want!

  1. Amazing..
    yes it is funny that we tent to expect people to react in a certain way and they often don’t..
    It is our old blueprint speaking.. so it is nice to see that the old blueprint is so wrong..
    Keep up to good work, and I’m looking forward for your healing music. 🙂
    Happy New Year!

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  2. I can really feel your positive energy and enthusiasm in your writing. Congrats on the new job and the keyboard. Music is a fantastic way to connect with people! Keep up the great manifesting.


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