Week 11: Ask and ye shall receive. (Post 2)

I wrote my blog for week eleven of the MK before I left for my run. I was feeling better but basically emoted how I had struggled greatly with week 11. The kind of struggle where you almost contemplate throwing in the towel.  
So I write that blog in the spirit of self forgiveness and leave it with a declaration to live the spirit of this new life I’m creating, instead of merely checking things off of a list, and to have faith in the universe.  

So I leave for my run. (I do a long run when I have 2 or 3 days off, and I’m currently working on getting my five mile run under 9 minutes a mile.)

I’ve had plenty of sleep, I’ve had a snack and lots of water, weather conditions are perfect. I’m also excited because I’m running a trail that I believe goes in a circle with ample distance to cover my 5 miles and more. I’m thinking this will be a fairly low stress run.  

I start off feeling like a million bucks. 
 Well, the trail doesn’t work out that way. I have to detour and backtrack to make up the distance I’m running. No big deal. I got this.
Toward the end I was struggling!!! I kept trying to push myself and for a moment I wondered if I’d be able to finish the run let alone make the last mile a good time. I mean STRUGGLING. At the very end I started looking at my GPS. I’m dead and .45 miles to go. Geezus!!! Keep going. Harder. Be enthusiastic and lighthearted! You love to run! .25 miles to go. The mile that doesn’t end!!!! I determine from now on I’m gonna start saying, “I could run all day!” And this will then become easier.  
At this point I’m gasping for air saying “do it now! Do it now! Do it now!” PLEASE infinite source of energy help me, tap in to my body and help give me the strength to do this, and finish strong! I look at my phone again with .1 miles to go …keep running and look at my phone again…I paused the workout!!! Dang it! I’ve prob got five miles now but I want it to be on my GPS! Unpause and keep going.  

Do it now do it now!!!

I finally get to five miles and I stop. I start walking to cool down. Thank you God, thank you for helping me through that one. I could not have done it without you. Then I look at my phone to see my time…and my last mile was my fastest, also making it my overall fastest five mile I’ve ever run.  
This is no coincidence. I’m sure. I prayed for it. I pleaded for it. And I had faith the universe would deliver. I simultaneously used every tool in MY toolbox to run my fastest. And at that moment I know, this is the way it works. This is a situational example of the process of accomplishing dreams.  

I thank you Universe for this gift, for showing me the way in a way that resonates so greatly with me. I love you too.

4 thoughts on “Week 11: Ask and ye shall receive. (Post 2)

    1. I think they are! Yesterday on my final sprint …just like magic “I will persist until I succeed” popped in my head. I get what they’re trying to help us do!
      Thanks so much for reading!

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