Week 9: My New Best Friend


Hello Dearest Friends and Lovely Peers!

Greetings from WEEK 9 of this GlOrIoUs Master Key Journey!

My New Best Friend

Research studies using fMRI to gauge how individuals feel toward certain individuals found that a person feels the same about their future self as they do a total stranger.  This is a large part of where the procrastination problem comes from.  If we do not want to do something (for whatever reason), we will often pass on that something to our future selves, because it means as much to us as giving something we don’t want to deal with to a total stranger.

That being said, one of our challenges for this Master Key Experience is to get very well acquainted with our future selves, so we don’t pass things off to them.  What would our world be like if we treated our future self as someone we loved and cared for very much?  What sort of choices would we make then?

Challenge Accepted!!

Coupling this concept with the idea that we can create our realities through visualization, I have been imagining up this new best friend of mine and she’s pretty freaking amazing!

My New Best Friend

Her name is Liberty.  It’s a name she chose for herself because she’s so passionate about the truth of the ideal on every level, in every cell, in every fiber of her being.

She loooooves to practice singing!!  She practices everything!  When I say that I mean she looks at everything as a practice, a constant process of increased effort, growth, and evolution.  She believes in patience and steady, consistent progress.  She believes in doing things that scare her, because she knows that’s how you become a stronger person, and becoming the best and strongest version of herself is her top priority; it’s in her soul make-up.  So is connecting with other human beings.

Liberty radiates positivity and love.  She doesn’t ask you to be better, but you find yourself feeling lighter and more at home when in her presence, and she does all that just by letting her own light shine!

Holy cow she sounds wonderful!  The real kicker is…she is grounded, and has the best interests of others at heart, always.  She’s all about doing her very best to make a difference because there’s so much that she wants to see change for the better.

Well, I’m still getting to know her.  I’m still imagining who she is, how she operates, what thoughts she allows herself to dwell on.  All of these things I will imagine and become intimately acquainted with, through constant visualization.  That is my challenge.  That is my privilege.

Happy Dreaming and Have an Epic Week!


5 thoughts on “Week 9: My New Best Friend

  1. Love your image of your future self! And when you say that “she looks at everything as a practice, a constant process of increased effort, growth, and evolution,” that is a concept that just floors me. I think I’ll appropriate that, if I may!

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