Week 8: Things to be CONQUERED!


“…I welcome obstacles for they are my challenge.”


–          Og Mandino, Scroll II, The Greatest Salesman in the World

I’m feeling pretty positive right now!  It’s probably a side effect of this FABULOUS new diet I’m on!  It’s the latest craze! It’s called the 7-Day Positive Mental Diet!

Here’s the breakdown:  The goal is to string together 7 Days of NO negative thoughts. (Like that double negative? ;))  If you’re thinking something negative beyond 7 seconds, you have to re-start.  If you verbalize something negative, you have to re-start.  Again, the goal is to string together 7-Days of no Negative thoughts.

I’ve not successfully reached 7 days yet, but I will admit that I feel lighter.  Imagine that…feeling lighter from a mental diet!


Ok, back to what I wanted to tell you about this week.

Mark J says that things will really start happening, effortlessly and whatnot, when we transition from “maintaining a scholarship” to Being A Scholar, or a self-directed thinker! Well, I’m happy to report that I can feel and see myself making the transition, and I think it started with doing my dream board.

The whole process was difficult. It was like, “oh, I’ve got to think of ALL THIS?!”

I stretched my brain and searched my heart for rewards to go with my milestones, and that really KICKSTARTED the visualization process. I’m not used to working my imagination this much, and it’s fantastic!

I have so many ideas pop in to my head and I used to write them down, only for them to get lost or thrown away. Now, I’m using these ideas to help me expand on the picture I have in my head and it’s really fun.


“…I welcome obstacles for they are my challenge.”

One of my greatest challenges is learning how to tap into and channel the creativity I know lies within me, in the same space as that piece of divinity.


This is a great challenge because it will be one of the largest parts of becoming a music artist. I’ve already started learning the technical side, and that side is much easier for me. Very black and white. The creative side is there, it’s just been dormant for a few decades…

So I’m enjoying the process. What can I do to draw it out? To get in touch?

I started journaling 10 minutes a day, to get used to putting my thoughts on paper. It’s small but I know it will help. I’ve also started coloring.

The positive mental diet really comes in handy here as well. In my DMP I have, “I’m constantly composing music & lyrics, carefully including Universal Truths and healthy food for the subconscious mind…” Did I mention I know not the first thing about writing music? 😀 😀 😀

I mean I LOVE music. What it can do for/to the soul and heart and mind and body. It’s just…a gift! A straight up gift from the Universe to humanity. And sometimes I’ll listen to a song that really touches me, and I’ll be in awe of the people that put it together and think…”DAMN, THAT’S what I want to do.” What a gift to be able to move people like that!

So, a LARGE part of my journey will be navigating the creative process. How exciting! It’s like giving myself permission to be a kid again, to have play time, to be uninhibited in the name of creation and growth! DOES IT GET ANY BETTER?!

I LOVE MY LIFE! ß (Also in my DMP.)

That’s it from me this week.

Happy Dreaming!


7 thoughts on “Week 8: Things to be CONQUERED!

  1. Alicia I love you idea of journeling I think it will really help and coloring it is super fun. Try finger painting and clay work neither have to turn out but it is amazing what happens when you get your fingers into it. I tried both a while back and both really get you in tune with your inner child. Have fun and play….Life is like a box of chocolates… :O)


    1. Thanks so much Cyndy I love those ideas!!! The other day I stopped and stared at finger pain for about two minutes…should I…shouldn’t I…
      Now I will go back for them! Thanks for your such kind words. Means everything to me you care to share. Xoxo


  2. Yay, Alicia!!
    I LOVE how you talk about music and your feelings for it. I think what you burn to create is absolutely wonderful, and I applaud your desire to learn and redevelop your creativity! I’ve been working through similar struggles with my writing – once it flowed easliy and effortlessly, then it went away. If you’ve ever heard of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), that helped me big time; the words and seeing the scenes I’m writing about are starting to flow again.
    The Challenge is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Maybe you can do your own version! One simple piece of music each day, or maybe ten measures of a work daily, or create lyrics one day and the melody the next!
    Really looking forward to future updates on your musical progress!!

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    1. Thank you Ellen for the feedback and the ideas!! I’m so excited that you’re working on your writing as well and I’m tickled to see I not alone in rediscovering creativity. I am not used to pursuing something artistic I’m always used to pursuing things that I thought sounded good to others. It’s such an exciting journey I’m so blessed you’re on it too!


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