Week 7: Embrace the Struggle!

This week has been a struggle, in MANY areas.

My 7 day mental diet has been started over I cannot TELL you how many times. It was great when I was at home all day by myself and then when I came to work I found myself constantly starting over. I actually felt it was easier when I would tell people what I was doing, because if I couldn’t respond or keep talking I’d just say, “I’m gonna stop there otherwise I have to start over!” or “I’m going to choose not to respond, otherwise I’ll have to start over.” Most people have thought the whole thing is HILARIOUS which is great because it gets us laughing!!!  As of right now I’ve got about an hour under my belt!!!

The mental exercise that goes with the sit has been a struggle. The first day was a BREEZE. I was like, “whoa I did pretty well with that! Can’t wait to see what happens the next time!” Well, the next time and every time after that have been more difficult to visualize and focus on the task at hand.

Time is my other struggle. I’ve added on about 2 hours to each day with all our exercises and my POA, which includes exercising every day (20 min is the minimum) and 30 minutes of vocal exercises. Again, I work 12 hour shifts so this is proving to be very difficult and yesterday I found myself dreading all the things I had to do before bed and if I would get them done in enough time to get adequate sleep, and noticing these thoughts meant I had to START OVER on the diet.

I feel like this is just a rough patch. This is a struggle and that’s okay! I’m doing MAJOR work in my life here. I’m OKAY fighting for my new reality because yes, I want it that badly.

So this is me, this week, EMBRACING….holding closely in my arms, especially as a sign of affection, accepting, and supporting….. my struggle.

Truth be told, I have way more fun with challenge and struggle than I do with resting on my laurels anyway!


To all my peeps out there on this journey with me, in the alliances sharing, and embracing the struggle daily….I love you!!! I’m thinking of you often and sending good energy to you day and night. We are fighting for our future best friend selfie’s!!!!

Happy Dreaming!


16 thoughts on “Week 7: Embrace the Struggle!

  1. As I started to read this I thought, Gosh I didn’t think I wrote my blog yet! Of course I realized it wasn’t me and in a way it was. I feel for you and have to say ditto and I think you did better than I did! So with that sentence I can start over now!

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    1. Thanks Adele! It’s been such a help that our peers are all forthcoming if they have any trouble or struggle. Makes me feel like I can be honest about what’s going on. And facing the reality will help me overcome it. Thanks so much for checking in this week and reading!! God bless 🙂


  2. I love your words of not having an opinion 🙂 thank you for sharing your honesty, I can feel how you feel. hang in there, embrace the future you !!! blessings


  3. Alicia not that I am glad you too were struggling but glad to know I wasn’t in last week alone. I love that you can laugh at work…they all think I’m crazy at work and so what is there to do but just keep laughing and having fun in the negative space. Rock on Sister…we can do this.

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