Week 5…I got this…

Hello Friends!!!

Week 5 of the Master Key Experience and WHAT A WEEK IT HAS BEEN.

Ok Biggest thing for me this week was keeping my promises.  We’ve got these index cards that list all the things we’re going to do EVERY DAY, right?  Well, last week I added something to my index card that would further my DMP, which was to exercise (fluidity or run) everyday.  Fluidity (an exercise video) is a minimum 45 minute commitment, and running can be however long I guess, but at least 20 min.   Also, I work 12 hour shifts with a 45-60 minute commute each way.  So this week, I was getting home and finding the amount of time available for sleep was dwindling away.

Should I skip my workout?

Or maybe skip my read and my sit?

Or maybe just read and skip the sit because I will surely fall asleep during the sit.


I WILL DO IT ALL. Because I always keep my promises.

If it was on the index card, I DID IT.  I decided that no matter how little sleep I got that day, nothing would be more devastating than confusing my subconscious about whether or not I keep my promises.  I’m DESPERATE for her to pick up on the fact that if it’s written on an index card, it GETS DONE.

Did I feel like crap this week?  NOT REALLY!  I was proud of myself!  It was invigorating!  I felt like a Navy Seal, pushing my body to the limit in pursuit of my objective.  It was fabulous.  And the end result was totally worth it.  I can read those index cards and say with pride, “I always keep my promises.”

Happy Dreaming!


7 thoughts on “Week 5…I got this…

  1. Great decisions!!!!!!! Love your commitment. This year my second time through. Got behind and frustrated last year. Old Bl Prt got hung up and frustrated that I did not “understand”! Realizing this year the “understanding” comes from the doing so keep “doing” no matter what😀


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