Week 4 of the Master Key

What a week it has been! 

Shapes & Colors

This week was very much about applying myself; to finding the shapes and colors that don’t mean anything until we attach certain emotions to them! 

Green Triangles I have attached to my personal pivotal need Legacy, and to the idea of giving. Red Circles I have attached to my personal pivotal need of Recognition of Creative Expression. Blue Rectangles are attached to receiving and gratitude. Yellow

Squares are attached to keeping promises and emotions around performing. This game got really fun!

Initially I had to look very hard, but soon I started seeing shapes everywhere. I’d specifically go on a shape hunt to get excited and emotionalize them. I’m still working on that.


SIT Down

I had some great SITs this week! I was able to totally relax my physical body, which had been difficult in the past. 


MK Lesson 4

I am not alone in reaching for my goals. Not only am I fear-less because I have a solar plexus, but now I can remember that I’m an extension of the infinite, and I can be what I will to be, because I am not my body or mind. I am a piece of divinity. This idea gave me great peace of mind when it came to how I would do all the things I’ve set out to do. My goals at times seem larger than life, but there is a force coordinating their manifestation, and the force has already established itself as all powerful, so I needn’t worry. It is larger than any one life, as the source of all life.


Part 15 of the MK says: This is not so strange or impossible as it may appear when you remember that the “World Within” is controlled by the “I” and that this “I” is a part or one with the Infinite “I” which is the Universal Energy or Spirit, usually called God.


Or as the Bible says, “Know ye not that ye are the temple of the living God?”


Now, even before the MK, I believed in an all powerful energy, a great Source of all energy. So to accept that I’m connected to this energy source is to rest solid in the belief that I can draw on this Infinite energy source to accomplish my goals. To the spiritual “I”, nothing is impossible.


Biggest Challenge this Week…

My car broke down! And the cost to fix it was the exact amount of money I had in savings. What is this?! Man, my old blueprint wanted to do cartwheels! It was screaming to say, “Whoa is me. Why did this happen to me?!”

But with all my might I’ve created a different story, a positive one, which does not “own” any misfortune. I refuse to let it bring me down. I’ll go so far as to think of it as a test. I will perform the hard mental labor of letting go of all adverse conditions, including trouble or disappointments of any kind.


DMP is almost exactly the way I want it, so that’s exciting! I am gleefully interrupting my Subby all day long with visions of my future, as if it’s my current reality. 

Places To Improve

Planning and Time Management! Need to Utilize my OATS!


And I think that’s it for this week. So grateful for all the challenges this week has brought! 


Happy Dreaming



13 thoughts on “Week 4 of the Master Key

  1. Alicia my beautiful lady, reading your post and the energy you exude gave me so much inspiration to look at my life lessons differently. Thank you for your insightful post! I am grateful for our connection ❤ Blessings


    1. I’m so privileged that it could. It’s part of why the MKMMA means so much to me. It gave me an explanation for so many times in life where you’re better off for finding the love and lesson in hardships. It could be something I just tell myself to make it easier but hey, it makes it easier so right on! Thanks so much for reading Agnes. Lots of love! xoxo


  2. I like what you shared about hunting for the colors and shapes and the meanings you attached to them. I will up my hunt!!


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