Week 22a: Forward Motion


This week I had a lot of forward motion.  I started my new job at UT Hospital!  With this new job comes a myriad of different things including benefits, challenges, and of course…growth opportunities!  In fact that job as a whole is a growth opportunity for me.  It’s a MAJOR step for me in terms of getting in a better place financially, and reaching a more autonomous state.  My biggest concern was making sure that I included my MKMMA exercises into my new routine!


Ok. I want to be the brightest, kindest, most contributing and courageous version of myself.  I want to be a Mastermind.

How do I do this?  In multiple ways I think, though I’ll only detail a few.

I’ll continue to practice challenging myself, or meeting challenges that come to me.  I will practice taking joy in making progress.  I will continue to learn for the sake of my love of learning.  I will practice developing patience for myself, and for others. I will continue to practice looking for opportunities to be kind.  I will look forward to the future, while giving gratitude for the present.  I will practice improvement on the tools/exercises I KNOW result in more control over my thoughts.


Last week we were challenged to enjoy an extended period of silence.  I was excited/nervous about it, and the night before I found myself facebook stalking people, even though I’m never on facebook!  I think i was trying to get in as much communication as possible before the silence period started.  Needless to say, it was a quiet day.  I  discovered how much of my inner thoughts are reactions to my daily happenings.  Something happens, some small interaction, and then my brain goes down a rabbit hole with it.  In the beginning I felt my thoughts growing louder and louder.  When this happened I would practice sitting/meditating.  In many instances, this was the only thing that helped me quiet my thoughts.

One thing I realized in the silence is what I’m aiming for.  Do I want to be happy?  <– well, not necessarily.  I think you can be happy in the current moment.  I know (thanks to Shawn Anchor)happiness is not something you have to wait for.  I want to be successful. <– well…what is successful?  That statement holds a lot of society’s expectations in it, and I don’t really care to design my life around those.  At the end of the day, when I’m looking at the Gal in the Glass, I want to be proud of what I do…In learning, in work, in my relationships, and in life.  I want to be proud of what I’ve done.  I want to meet challenges that come my way, contribute to humanity, and always keep moving forward.  Seeing forward motion, seeing and feeling personal progress lights me up.  Striving to be better is the first half of the equation.  Acknowledging my progress is the second half.  Doing so gives me the confidence to keep reaching higher!

I am so grateful for this class and the tools we’ve been given.  It is my challenge to use them as instructed, early and OFTEN.  And I can declare that each time I do, it’s another step forward!  It’s forward motion!!!

God bless & Namaste

3 thoughts on “Week 22a: Forward Motion

  1. Congratulations on the new job! Great work keeping up with MKMMA. it is neat and everyone seems to be seeing lots of growth and new insights. I am certainly seeing a lot of benefits. More than anything the sits and greater appreciation for the power we have within.


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