Week 21: get the power consciousness

This week I experienced a powerful increase in awareness. I’m SO EXCITED because I can feel the power consciousness coming back!

When starting this course, I felt I had very little control over my life, and that I was at effect to many things not in my control.

I do, however, remember having the power consciousness at one time. It was back before I experienced certain things, and unknowingly allowed them to take my power from me. I consider myself very lucky that I remember what it did feel like.

One of my many progress points in this course is that about 2 months ago I quit smoking cigarettes. I’d put on a couple of pounds because of this. I’ve always been a fan of running, mostly for mental clarity, but also for the overall body workout. I needed and wanted to start running again in a committed way, working toward a goal, but losing a few pounds wasn’t enough.

Then I got the idea to do something I’d wanted to do a few years ago, (right before I gave away my power).

I’ve always wanted to run a marathon!

So I decided I would run one, still not feeling entirely as though I could. I remember being at the gym a few days ago, on the treadmill. I started listening, really listening, to my self-talk, and I noticed it wasn’t the same as it used to be, back when running was most enjoyable. It sounded something like, “Oh my god, this is so hard, how am I going to push through this, I’m so tired”…etc. I understood right there that sort of self-talk was probably making it harder for me to run. It was at that point I started substituting thoughts of gratitude and encouragement. “I am so grateful to have the ability to run and feel exhilarated. I know many people don’t have this opportunity but I am so grateful. I’m also grateful for the ability to push myself.”…etc. Also, when I finished, I made sure to say a prayer of gratitude for my awareness in the run. After that run, I really felt like I could do the marathon. I felt like I could build the mental fortitude necessary to sustain me 26.2 miles. I’m so excited!!!

I’m excited for the positive benefits for my body and mind. The ability to run is a gift from God. It is truly a miracle and I want to show my gratitude by using it!

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