Week 20: this $h** is bananas…B-a-N-A-n-A-s!

One of the many metaphors used by our incredible instructors is based on a true story about monkeys. In real life, bananas were placed in containers and monkeys from the wild would reach into the container, trying to get the banana to eat. The monkeys were easily captured with their hands stuck in the container. The wonder was, if they simply let go of the banana, they would easily escape being captured.

Our incredible instructors used this as a metaphor for certain things in life that we don’t give up, thinking they are necessary to life, yet clinging to them is what keeps us in captivity.

So I added the question to my repertoire!

What bananas will I let go of today?

areas I feel I’m improving…

Getting things right the first time. Who’s got the scorecard? Who’s judging? It’s about PROGReSs…and learning!

And with those, the laws of substitution and law of practice are invaluable.

It’s week 20 and I thank God daily for the tools that this class has provided: tools that are available any time for me to use, to make my world better for myself and for others.

Amen & Namaste!

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