Week 19: I’m writing my future!

It’s time to kick things up a notch or ten.  I was thinking about how to revise my DMP.  When I read it out loud, for some reason it just wasn’t clicking.  Something didn’t sit right, but it’s okay!  That is one of my favorite parts about this experience…it’s an evolution.  The old blueprint may have you believing that change is too hard, not worth it, or impossible.  But thankfully MFS (My Future Self) doesn’t use the word impossible because “those are the words of fools”.  Instead, when something doesn’t feel right, I sit on it. (Literally, and figuratively).

I’m making a ton of mistakes and embracing them as 1. Fun, 2. Evidence of Action taken, 3. Allowing them to serve as course corrections.

I’m demonstrating a faith to the exercises like I’ve never done before, like my life depends on it, because it DOES.  I focus on the purpose that I choose, and the purpose I choose is to be a guide, healer, and intuitive counselor.  This is my soul mission and I’m developing a BURNING and aching desire around it.

I want to state this journey looks nothing like I thought it would.  It’s repetition, faith, and imagination.  There is no room for fear.  More than anything, I don’t compare myself to anyone else but me.  I dream constantly about my future self and what I want for her.  I used to dread a challenge and now I look for them, knowing that they help me grow spiritually, mentally, and physically.

I also realize that at some point it no longer serves us to focus on what is, and instead, focus on what we will to be.  This may seem hard but it comes with the knowledge that we can get to what we want, no matter where we are.  Focus on the future, focus on the goal.

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