Week 17A: Thank you Sister Hazel!

Change Your Mind

“Hey Hey, did you ever think there might be another way to just feel better, just feel better about today?”

I had the neatest experience yesterday.  Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 27.

We had a small celebration the night before, and I’m not in any way trying to sound like a spoiled brat, but when I was younger there was so much more excitement around the day!  There was more hooplah made by the people around me!  Is this what happens as you get older?  It’s just not that big of a deal?

Not to mention the older I get, the more I reflect on my entire life around the time of my birthday.  I’m not where I thought I’d be at 27.  I thought I would have conquered (or saved) the world by now!  I had it all planned out! What has happened?!

So yesterday I was walking my dog, counting my blessings, but still feeling like something was lacking.  It was my birthday!  Why was I not super pumped?!  Why was I not automatically glowing and excited?

“If you’ve had enough of all your trying, just give up the state of mind you’re in.”

Then it was like a red flag instantly went up in my brain.  Whoa…what kind of thoughts were these?  Not nourishing ones, that’s for sure!  Sort of self-involved, really.

Then, like a knight on a white horse, swooping in when I most need it, comes a series of thoughts; synaptic connections that I’ve been hard-wiring into my brain for the past 18 weeks.

First, Happiness comes from being of service to others.  If I’m not feeling happy, I should look for a way to contribute/be of service.   Second, I can choose my thoughts; I can choose to be pumped!  My inner state, my world within, is not a consequence or automatic.  My inner state, my attitude is an effect of what I choose to think.  The thoughts I’d been thinking were depleting, so I switched to thoughts that were nourishing.  I thought, let’s start over.  I continued to walk, and I chose to be delighted.  I started thinking of all the reasons I had to be super grateful just to be alive.

Later that evening…

I was watching a movie, and a familiar song came on.  It was a song from the 90s.  I was in the single digits in the 90s, and many of the songs when I hear the melody, I know every word, but never contemplated a meaning to the words I was singing.  Last night I was listening this song I’d heard a hundred times, and it hit me like a ton of balloons…. I really heard it.

“If you wanna be somebody else (ß someone that’s happy on their birthday, glowing, and feeling like a special snowflake)

If you tired of fighting battles with yourselfwhy can’t I just be happy?!)

If you wanna be somebody else (ß I want to emanate light and energy and have the sun shine from my eyes)

Change your mind (Change the thoughts that I think, control my thoughts to only think ones that will concrete the state of mind that I want, etc.)

It was absolutely brilliant.

It never ceases to amaze me that the wisdom from the Master Key turns up in all sorts of different places.  In this case, it was pure truth glimmering in a song, divined by a band that hit it big in the 90s.

Just in case you’ve never heard this song, I’ve included it here.  I hope and pray with all my heart that it refreshes your soul and lifts your spirits the way it does mine!  God bless and Namaste J

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