Week 17: Happiness, Courage, Permission, and more of Nature’s Miracles!

Thursday, January 22, was a particularly harried day for me.  Everyone knows the kind.  It had just been “one of those days”. As tears welled up in my eyes, I gave myself permission to be upset for 5 minutes.  I had less than thirty minutes before going to work, and I knew I needed to turn my attitude around.  I’m a waitress, I don’t get paid to sulk, and as the wonderful Dolly Parton says (playing Truvy from Steel Magnolias), “SMILE! It increases your face value!”

Small miracle: Boyfriend comes home early from work, in time to give me support and encouraging words.

I head off to work.  I’m late leaving but I can still make it on time.

Dear God, I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to earn money.  Please help me to suck it up and buck up.  

**Often times I try to pump myself up through prayer.**

I get out of the car and walk through the door.

“HELLO!” from the hostess.

I muster up a response “Hey!” and keep walking.

A crowd of servers in the vestibule looking to see what their sections are.

another small miracle: I clock in only one minute after.

Thank you God.

A fellow server says, “Hey girly!”

Hi there!  I smile this time when I respond and make a beeline to hang my jacket up.

On the way to the back I pass the “prep cook”.  He sees me and gives me a big smile and says, “Hey Alicia!”

The smile and greeting totally melts my heart.   And it hits me…

I could wait tables in my sleep.  I’ve been doing it for years and there’s nothing particularly challenging about the tasks at my job.  The challenge of my job lies in the people.  It’s a breeding ground for attitude, positive or negative.  A manifesting machine.  What you put in, you WILL get out.  I’ve been a waitress long enough to know this is the case.  And when I go into work I make a concerted effort to smile and say hello to everyone I work with.  I think they’re awesome people and how much will they think I think of them if all I do is ask for more ranch dressing.  I love asking them how they’re doing, and what their day has been like.  It totally throws them off gaurd.

Well, Thursday, I got it back, in spades.  I realized as I got all those smiles, and as they lifted me up, that they were giving to me what I always give to them.  Little did they know how much I needed or appreciated it on that particular day.  I also felt incredibly blessed because one of the lines in my definite major purpose is, “I bring the light”.  I realized that I do!  People expect smiles from me!  People expect cheer.  And the best part is, they give it back to me when I need it most, without even knowing it.

There are so many people that could hate on me for being so happy.  As much as I don’t like criticism, having the courage to shine my inner light is more important to me than being accepted.  I want to set an example for others.  So I give myself permission to be that way, to bring the light and let it shine, and smiles and kindness is what I received in return.

It was a miracle.  I’m so blessed and excited I was privileged to see it.  Something I’m not sure I would have been conscious of if not for the MKMMA, but either way I want to say this:

Have the courage to let your light shine.  Give yourself permission to be great.  Emmerson’s Law in action, ME, is truly nature’s greatest miracle.

God bless and Namaste!

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