Week 16: I have the power.

Humans are intensely fascinating creatures.  The way we think, the way we behave, and more than anything, I love to look into the why. Why do we do what we do?

At a basic level, we know the answer.  Humans experience stress and will behave in a wayto relieve said stress.  We are a pleasure seeking/pain avoiding species, which makes sense.

I used to pride myself on being able to find relief from pain, but what I’m finding out as the years continue is that more important than an ability to relieve pain is the ability to invite pain.

What?!  Why would anyone invite pain into their life?  Well, one concept that is less talked about is the idea that growth requires pain, and struggle.   BUT, one of the beautiful things that we’ve been taught in this course is that you can choose how to feel about something.  Humans are the only species that can do this.  Lots of food can be great, or not having any food can be great, some people call it fasting.  Having sex can be great, or not having sex can be best, we call it abstinence.  Essentially, we can choose how to feel about things.  This is a power that so many people have not recognized!

Am I saying it’s easy?  NO!  But, what is the alternative?  Frustration, indignation, or sadness?  Who wants that?

I used to think the most amazing power was to master pain and find relief.  Now I’m starting to believe that much more power can come from inviting challenges of opportunities, even though you know there will be pain involved.

Exercising is the greatest example I can think of when it comes to inviting pain.  I LOVE to run.  Love it.  (in theory.)  It hurts, and I know this, but I always feel better after I do it.  It is only after inviting the pain that I garner that amazing feeling, and what’s more, I can go a step further.  Instead of resenting the fact that their will be pain, I can be utterly and completely grateful that there is a way to get to that great feeling.

What an amazing life.  How lucky we are that we have the power to choose.  Sometimes joy seems effortless, I know this feeling.  But what’s more amazing than on your darkest days, creating your own sunshine!  Thank you for the power to choose!
















14 thoughts on “Week 16: I have the power.

  1. Very introspective! I’m not so sure about inviting pain. There seems to be plenty without seeking out more. I understand what you are saying and agree in many ways, but I’m fine with dealing with what can’t be avoided never mind looking of more.

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    1. Thank you. And thank you for trying to understand what I mean, instead of merely reading the words. I probably should say thanks for reading at all but reading for the meaning is too, an amazing gift. God bless!


    1. Amen!!! This week has been just like that too…really living the idea of choosing my own happiness. I know now happiness is not a default effect. It’s a cause!


  2. I agree…do not actively seek pain, but the acceptance is sometime crucial for “getting it done”
    A tragedy that so many avoid pain rather than seek pleasure…
    That may seem add but ponder a moment.


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