Week 14: Patience and Persistence…this week FLU by!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

One thing this class has done is bring me face to face with time.  We are on a schedule and no matter how I’m feeling or what goes on in my life, the show must go on!  I can’t remember ever feeling so accountable!  This is by far the longest running commitment I’ve ever stuck with, as far as commitment to build my life.


More than that, I’ve made more improvement in the past 14 weeks than I have in the past year.  Truth be told, I was heading down a scary path, and the MKMMA has helped me take control back.

The way I understand it, the blogs we post are intended to help others see what the journey is like, and how/what/why we in the alliance are making these changes.

This has been one of my biggest challenges.  First, I don’t want/like to sound like I’m complaining.  Second, I don’t want people to feel sorry for me.  Third, I want to speak of the future, not the past.  That being said, I feel the greater injustice would be to omit sharing my experiences.  To do so, I feel, would be to rob others of the knowledge of exactly what the MKMMA can help you overcome.

I sought a scholarship in the MKMMA because I desperately wanted the knowledge and tools that would help me change my life.  2014 was a chaotic year.  I’d been diagnosed with a chronic illness, dismissed from my graduate school program, and diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive disorder, which they say I most likely inherited.  I was unemployed, in massive debt, depressed, anxious, and for a brief time having suicidal thoughts.  I was completely broken.  I can confidently say 2014 was the year I hit rock bottom.

It brings me to tears thinking about it, and as I write this I shed tears of gratitude for Mark J, Davene, Trish, my Guide Carolyn, Carol my dear friend and business partner, and my sister Stephanie.  I thank God for their voices in the back of my head, for their empowering words, and their belief in me.  And some of them have never even met me!

As I cry these tears of gratitude for their service and this program, I want to end this blog with the following:

It’s week 15 now.  This blog is late and while I want to blame it on the flu, the truth is I didn’t know what to say yet.  It was only after having the flu that I was reminded how torturous a life of inaction is.  Putting myself out in the world, albeit risky, is a trillion times more rewarding than withering away by myself.

Hello 2015!!!  I have the tools, thanks to the MKMMA, and every day is my opportunity to practice using them.  I am becoming accountable for my actions, and for what my world looks like.  I can look myself in the mirror now.  I have a job and am continuing to build my self-confidence.  And most excitedly, I have plans for MY future, which at my lowest point last year, I did not have.

THIS is my turning point.  THIS is where I kick it into high gear.

More than anything I want to express my gratitude to all other members in the alliance who’ve kept going.  You all are my teachers, my leaders, my friends, and my family, and I love you dearly.

Until next time,

All my love.


12 thoughts on “Week 14: Patience and Persistence…this week FLU by!

  1. Hi Alicia, Thank-you for sharing your experiences on this amazing journey. Your words bring tears to my eye… tears of happiness for your transformation. Your making it happen! Congratulations, Carolyn


    1. Thank you Carolyn, thank you, for all your support. The truth is that even though we’ve never met, your love and support are helping me make it happen. I know I’m not in it alone. God bless you. I’m excited to continue to grow!


  2. Happy new year to you as well thank you very much for sharing it’s uplifting to hear from other people in the course to see what they’re experiencing to see the similarities I think this is great I agree with you the accountability is helpful it seems to be helping all of us in the course to take it and to share the things that were experiencingit is uplifting to all the others have a great New Year’s thanks again for sharing


    1. Thank you so much for reading! You, Rick, in particular, are so great with the blog and your consistency is the kind I aspire to!! Thanks for helping me keep myself accountable and honest, and for all the experiences you share. God bless you, Rick!


  3. What’s from the heart reaches the heart. Your post certainly touched me. Congratulations on your persistence, growth and progress. It sounds as though you like your future you. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Thank you Alicia for sharing. I truly admire you and am deeply sympathetic for all you have been through. BUT, you made it through 2014. With your new focus 2015 ia going to be brilliant! Let peace be the journey as Mark says. Sending many blessings your way


  5. There is a reason for everything! I agree the Master Key brings massive growth. Take care of your health and your mind and the rest is going to fall into place. You are doing a great job. Keep it up!


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