Week 12: Answered Prayers

This week has been trying.  Thankfully, I have faith in the knowledge that I will persist until I succeed.  “…just as the mariner develops his, learning to ride out the wrath of each storm.”

When I get overwhelmed, the first thing I do I stop and think, “What’s my first priority?”

This past week, my first priority was prayer.  I was spiritually depleted and I knew it was because I hadn’t talked to my angels in a while.  So I prayed.

Please show me the right thing to do.  Please show me how I’m supposed to contribute in this lifetime.

My prayer was answered that day.

I was gently reminded that I am a lightworker, and need to pursue my Divine purpose and Soul Mission.  But what exactly should I do??  What if no one wants to be my client?

I remembered a message from the angels saying, “Your clients will find you.”

My question was answered that night.  After a coworker shared with me the darkest secrets of his childhood while I rolled silverware and stuffed sugar caddies, I determined at heart that I’m a counselor.  This is my strongest method of healing.

But I’m more than that. 

I couldn’t help but feel the title of counselor didn’t quite encapsulate all that I offer.

My concern was answered one day later, last night.  After another coworker sought me out, I accepted it as a sign he needed a healing reading.  I accepted the job and put the hat on.

What kind of counselor am I?

I am an intuitive counselor.

I started out wanting to do this and then I beat myself down or let the dream go for a while.  In my search, I found nothing, until I asked for guidance and my angels led me straight to it!  All I had to do was take the opportunities they put in front of me.

Why is this relevant?

First, who isn’t anxious to discover their purpose and how to fulfill it in this lifetime?!  #2, I’m supposed to be reciting it three times a day and I didn’t want to just stick any ole thing in there!  Hence, my sense of urgency in finding the answers.

First I prayed, asking

I need to know what to do now.

Then I pray with my questions, having full faith they’ll guide me to the answers.  Then comes the gratitude; for the guidance, for the ability to strengthen that connection to divine wisdom as much as you want!

What’s important for me to emphasize in sharing this spiritual experience is this: everybody has this ability.  Everyone is born with intuition.  Your intuition, whether a gut feeling or you feel a tug at your heart, it is representative of your spiritual connection to divine wisdom.  It’s your GPS to the life you want and deserve.

How in touch are you??

Is your GPS turned on?  Do you have a destination?  Or are you wandering aimlessly?

If you want to develop your intuition, consider using Angel Numbers as a way to help you.

What are angel numbers?

I’ll start by asking you a question.  Are there any numbers or number sequences that you see extremely often?  For instance, the first number I noticed seeing all the time was 333.  Phone numbers, gas prices, billboards, clocks, license plates, you name it! I saw it everywhere.  This number repeating in your life is your angels sending you a message.  The best resource I’ve found for interpreting Angel Numbers is a website called Joanes Sacred Scribes.  Just google the number Angel Numbers, for example, “333 Angel Number”.  Joannes Sacred Scribes should be the first one to pop up.  Then read the message and interpret it.  Think about how it resonates with you.  Is it comforting?  Is it freaky how right on the message is for your current situation?

Use this message as a platform, a way to start the conversation with your angels.  Send them your gratitude.  Ask them questions.  Ask them for guidance, ask them for signs.  The best part is, they answer you every time.  No matter how long it’s been since you’ve spoken.  There are many times I’ve been on my knees in prayer and as soon as I speak to them I can feel their love wash over me.

Why have I not done this sooner?!

Well, the truth is, spiritual growth takes energy, so it’s kind of like going to the gym.  It’s hard to get there but once you do you’re always glad you went.

So here I am, at the end of week 12.  I’m going to use the information awarded to me and get excited about making it happen!

I’ll make sure and keep you updated.

Lastly, thanks for reading.  Thanks for an authentic connection and allowing me the space to speak my personal truths.

My cup runneth over.




3 thoughts on “Week 12: Answered Prayers

  1. We do all have a particular purpose and I find the SIT and Law of relaxation is wonderful for sorting things out. Sometimes I am just pressing too hard and rushing for the sake of something not really so important and Prayer slows me down so things can simply unfold naturally and in harmony with the Lord’s timetable.


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