As Promised! My definite major purpose…

Where are we headed on this GREAT GOLDEN BHUDDA ADVENTURE?

This next passage describes where I’d like to go.  I’d love for you to join me. 😀


Personal Pivotal Needs: Spiritual Growth and Liberty

Liberty’s Definite Purpose

I am living the life of my dreams.  I live right outside Nashville in a beautiful, strong community before November 11, 2015 (111115).  My home is completely paid for and serves as the headquarters for our non-profit.  Liberty and Justice For All is an organization that we use as a vehicle to affect cultural change and grow universal love.  We partner with people who know how to manifest abundance and channel that abundance, and their good intentions, to help educate individuals about how to manifest their dharma.  The whole process is a joy to move through!

Music is a large part of our research.  We work closely with singers and songwriters, masterminding about how to positively impact America’s youth, and lift them up!  We’re having a humongous benefit in Nashville before January 31st, 2016 (13116)  to kick off the new Music Summer Camp LUCY…LISTEN UP; CAMP FOR THE YOUTH.

We partnered with the top music therapy researchers, musical artists, Google, Apple, and iTunes, to help the youth of America find a constructive outlet for self expression.  Every day I’m overcome with excitement and wonder that I get to inject the world my with love and light this way!

I am earning more than $20,000 a month from my Qivana business and my spiritual healing practice by 1/1/17 or before!  I am constantly surrounded by people I love and I spent time in prayer daily.  I take time to grow my connection to the Universe and I’m so grateful for all the abundance that flows to me, in the form of spiritual connection, true health, relationships, and financial wealth.

I focus on my own growth, balancing my own Self, and stay in constant contact with my Authentic self..  I am ELATED and overwhelmed with love and light every day!

I take notice of the methods by which I connect to the spirit and share with others who use it to connect to their God and live their purpose wholeheartedly.  I love daydreaming about creating ways to spread Universal Love and Light.  This is my dharma and my gift to and from the Universe.  I easily give up old bad habits of the past such as television, web surfing, and procrastination.

I observe my progress each day and celebrate the small steps forward!!!  I always keep my promises.




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