Week 6: See it through…even if the heavens fall…

Ok. My life has been unbelievable the past few weeks. Many things that used to take a ton of effort have been engrained in my mind and actually become effortless. Things like doing the dishes and being early for work. As simple as those things sound, until recently they were quite a challenge for me.

This in turn is freeing up my mind for other things…like world freedom.

One thing that’s changing: I’m not afraid to speak my mind. To the whole world. I made my first YouTube video this week. But more importantly, I gave myself a goal, a deadline, and then I did not hesitate. Fear did not stop me. This was the most empowering feeling of all time.
I was having trouble writing my DMP because I felt it wasn’t really hitting on what I wanted to do, and then I Really Heard Hanel when he wrote, “if the thought is sufficiently refined and concentrated”.

This says to me, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to exist. I will be able to walk the path of change as it comes.

Another update: I feel called to teach about love. I haven’t figured out what it looks like yet but I feel strongly that’s my path.

Also, my ability to manifest has been improving, but I feel strongly I need to go back to the basics and focus more on the exercises. It’s so much fun to see what you can concentrate on and make happen in the world but I’m reminding myself…these are not party tricks. I am building a SOLID foundation, built upon truth and justice.

Also, I feel my confidence increasing. And my faith feels like steel…which feels good. It feels really good.

I have not been great about opinions but I’m in Washington DC tonight, one of the most opinionated cities on the PLANET, and tonight when I go out…I will NOT express an opinion. This is gonna take a high level of awareness. But I will concentrate.

I want to say thank you to everyone for participating and commenting. Even though I’ve never met you, the encouragements and answers to my questions stick in my mind and help me through the day. I love you all.

10 thoughts on “Week 6: See it through…even if the heavens fall…

  1. Awesome blog! Reading this made me happy, and I thank you for that. This week started out very positive and happy for me, but didn’t quite end that way because of my daughter’s illness. However, reading your blog helped pull me out of the depths of misery! Love to you!


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