Week 4 – Exercising Discipline

Mike Tyson said to practice discipline one must “do what you hate like you love it”.  Mary Poppins had a sweeter way of expressing the same lesson, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”.

What am I talking about?  DISCIPLINE.  Why is it a relevant topic?  It’s relevant because when adopting new habits, it is easy to get flustered by the stress it causes.  This is not ideal, because it is ONLY in relaxation that one can connect with the Universal Source of Energy.  Therefore, it stands to reason that one Must find a way to positively cope with the stress in order to be successful in developing good habits.

How do we do this?

Mark J teaches that we need to attach feeling to it, (it = the task at hand).  How is this accomplished?

Mary Poppins Style: give yourself a sweet treat for Good behavior!

Mike Tyson Style:  You hate it?  Pretend you love it!

Liberty Style:  Make a Game Out of It!  Make it fun!  See it as a challenge!  Embrace it.  Choose to embrace the challenge.  Exercise your ability to attach any feeling you want to the exercises.

If you notice yourself resisting, pat yourself on the back for recognizing it!  Being the “observer” helps us to distinguish what feeling the Subby attaches to a task and whether or not we believe that feeling/attachment is conducive to Universal creation or not.  If it is not, figure out how to relax better.

Relaxation, just like stress, can occur on many different levels in life.  Stress is a fact of life.  In fact, research is beginning to reveal that stress may also be the world’s biggest opportunity for creation.   It’s something we can choose to positively cope with, or not.

So what can you do to feel better fast, get your thoughts in a good place, and manifest your dreams?  Give your Subconscious a SNACK.  A Subby Snack!  (Kind of like a Scooby Snack.  Watch the video and you’ll get it).


My Featured Subby Snack for Week 4

Music – This is Gospel by Panic at the Disco


This song get me excited about the opportunity to speak out and up, tell the truth, and share how I feel.  I listen to it if I’m scared of saying what I really think.

What thoughts do you activate in the mind and heart to stay focused on the next right step?  What do you know to do to positively cope with stress?  Please share!

6 thoughts on “Week 4 – Exercising Discipline

    1. Thank you!! I think this is the best way to get through to the childlike Subby and evoke emotion!! It charges it with feeling and makes it fun. All we need to do is make it so! 🙂


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