My light is Shining Today :)

Things I want to tell you about this week’s experience.

One of the phrases that stick out in my mind from this week’s reading: “Let your light shine.”

First of all, I want to be that person.  Second, what do I have to offer?  On most days, people would say about me that I have TONS to offer.  Some days it doesn’t always feel like that.  In fact, for a long time now, I feel like all I’ve been doing is letting people down.  That’s changing as I write this.  There’s lots of light in the world, and different people respond differently to it.  I have to believe and have faith that the light I am shining will help someone, somewhere, even if I never know it.

We are going on an adventure, different from a journey, in many aspects.  Adventures are exciting.  Adventures can be scary.  Adventures are opportunities because you’re not always exactly sure where you will end up, but my faith is strong that the destination will be everything I hoped it would be.

The reading this week states that relaxation is key.  I feel strongly that this is where I can contribute something extra to the Alliance, because I’ve developed a sort of art and science to stress relief over the years.  I’m only 26, but I am absolutely certain that stress is the NUMBER ONE opportunity indicator and how we cope with it determines the outcome of any situation.  Stress in and of itself isn’t bad.  How we cope with stress makes all the difference.  So it is my pledge to start sharing some of the knowledge that I’ve accumulated through my years.  Not sure just yet exactly what it will look like but my hope is that it will be a light for you somewhere.

I also wanted to give you all a song that is very special to me.  It’s by Eminem.  Its title sums up how to live life…guts over fear.

I use it to pump myself up when I’m feeling my energy lacking.  Hope y’all enjoy it too.

P.s. there is some profanity, but if you can, try to look past it to see the meaning of the words.  For this reason I’ve included the video that has the lyrics.

P.s.s.  Thank you all for going on this adventure with me!


4 thoughts on “My light is Shining Today :)

  1. Alicia,

    There is a lot of emotion in this blog. i can feel the hope you have for a better world life or situation and your light was shining through the words. I’m not an Eminem fan (i’m 69) just a smidge older than you but there was anger in the first part of the piece and hope in the second half. I’m glad I took the time to listen Keep letting your light shine. it is beautifully bright!



  2. Just heard your “dulcet toned voice” on the Webinar. I will be looking forward to learning more about your “stress reduction” talents.
    I saw the word Opportunity above. It is one of my favorite words.
    Just recorded an excerpt of Orison Swett Marden’s book Pushing to the Front, written in 1894 Enjoy and share

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  3. We’re all in the right place – changing the way we think of ourselves, our lives and the world without by changing our world within. You’re amazing! Keep believing in YOU!


  4. I like how you look at it as an adventure rather than a journey. More powerful wording for you — and it sounds like it’s much more exciting for you that way! change


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