MKMMA Week 1 Post – Liberty’s Great Golden Buddha Adventure

My name is Liberty.  I am starting on a Great Adventure.

The truth of the matter is, if I don’t tell anyone, I may chicken out.  Or I may not make it.  In order to “make it”, it takes support from like-minded people to build the life you dream of.  I don’t mean money.  I mean encouragement, and faith.

I’m sharing this with you all for a few reasons:
1. I’m finally starting to pick up the pieces of my life, and therefore I am finally beginning to have something to write home about.
2. I am required to write a blog post a week for my new class.
3. To share my experience is therapeutic, for me and anyone who connects to my adventure in any way.

So here goes.  I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I do!  What’s The Great Adventure you ask?
LiBeRtys’ Great Golden Buddha Adventure!

I am going to find my Golden Buddha.
The Story of the Golden Buddha helps us to see that, in essence, everything I need to build my dreams is within me.  On this adventure I will look inside myself and call up my courage and faith to make those dreams a reality.

Because I take pride in my dreams for this life, I share them with the world.  In fact, I want the world to know that someone, someone very determined, pure of heart, and suffers from/is blessed with that human emotion of “never enough”, is fighting for liberty, hope, and justice for all.

Within the next few weeks I’ll be posting the blueprint I have laid out for my beautiful life of liberty, hope, and justice.  Many will believe this to be in vain.  How does that old saying go? “If you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans.”
Well, I understand things to work a bit differently.  I believe that you tell God your dreams, in exact detail, and if you do your part and your intentions are true, God, your angels, and the Universe will conspire to help you achieve it.

This Universal Power of Creation is in all of us.  In order to unlock this power, we must fulfill certain agreements.
These agreements are keys to unlocking this universal power.

The first is, you have to dream it.  It’s the same reason parents encourage children to send a letter to the North Pole.  How is Santa supposed to deliver if he knows not what you want?  In order to dream, you must first allow yourself to hold that desire.  To dream requires that you hold all judgment against the idea and yourself.  To truly dream is to embrace the reality that anything is possible.

The second: your intentions are true.  This means that your desire is to achieve something for more than yourself.  It’s a purpose that burns deep inside your heart, and you fight for it as if you alone have the key to world peace.

Third: you do your part.  You let go of the things you need to.  You sacrifice what you need to.  You take control of your body and mind so as to allow the spirit to lead you where it may.  This means saying no to the critics, saying no to quitting, and saying “the hell with it” to fear.

Fourth: you must have faith.  It’s a mysterious gift.  It’s the mother of free will.   it’s the easiest part to dismiss, but the most crucial.  This is the single most important quality of anyone in history who has had a new idea and the drive to see it realized.  The belief that it can and is happening.  Not that it will happen, but that it’s already started.

Ever known one of those people who seems to live in the future?  Or is it that by living there they created a space for it and manifested it that way?

This is the world I live in.  The world of hope.  And this is the world where my adventure awaits.  It’s unknown, lonely at times, but always full of love and joy at other times.  It’s a movie I’ve created inside my head, and everyday I envision my reality matching more and more closely to my dream world.  I recognize the beautiful moments of synchronicity between them, and always give gratitude for the blessed opportunity to try and create something bigger than myself, through myself.

So I’m off now, to start this adventure! I’d love it if you’d come!
And don’t you fear, I’ll lead the way!!

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